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About IACT

Who We Are

In 1993, Dr. Tom Griffin conceptualized and created an interactive media (software) solution to solve a very real need in his practice. The program — designed to help doctors more quickly and effectively train their staff — proved there truly was "a better way" to educate people about healthcare options.

A year later, Dr. Griffin followed-up with a patient education program built to help doctors and staff more effectively connect with their new patients. Demand was overwhelming, and IACT was born.

Today, Dr. Griffin still actively leads our Birmingham, Alabama based company in the conception and development of robust patient and staff education programs — including case presentation, patient training, and staff training.

Dedicated focus, constant innovation, and a reputation for quality have granted us our position as the widely-recognized industry leader with solutions used in over 3,000 practices in more than 50 countries.

What We Do

IACT develops, sells, implements and supports interactive media (software) solutions designed to enhance patient and staff education in healthcare practices.

Our digital publishers work with the foremost subject matter experts in the industry to create movies and moving pictures that are both anatomically and clinically accurate — yet easy to understand from the audience's perspective.

Doctors and clinical staff who use our solutions have the support they need at the point of care and can significantly improve communication and efficiency, leading to a better bottom-line.


Why We're Different

  1. Specialization. The experts at IACT focus exclusively on patient and staff education — delivering comprehensive programs specially designed for the disciplines we serve. We innovated this category of product and have set the standard for case presentation since 1993. Our art department is actively led by a full-time, in-house orthodontist, and this shows through in the accuracy and depth of our work. 
  2. Design. CasePresenter  is in a class by itself being designed to support well-sequenced presentations. Patients want to know "why I need treatment" and "what strategy will give the best outcome" before you talk about "how" you plan to treat. Our program stands alone in its ability to connect with patients on the need and logic for treatment  and this makes a powerful difference in getting patients motivated and excited about treatment.
  3. Content. We have the most extensive, high-quality multimedia library in the industry. Our program supports images in four different races - Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic and Black. Our movies are available in seven different languages - English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Portugese.