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CasePresenter Orthodontics



  • Over 1,600 multimedia videos, including four different races
  • Audio in seven languages
  • Customizable to your individual practice
  • Quick & easy integration
  • Hassle-free keyless licensing
  • Affordable with flexible pricing & licensing
  • Windows and Mac compatible

Albert Einstein once said, "If I can't picture it, I can't undertstand it."

In fact, studies show at least 70 percent of the population are visual learners. Since orthodontic case presentations involve visual/spatial concepts, motivating patients to start and participate during treatment can be challenging without the use of visual aides. More than any other available tool, CasePresenter Orthodontics is the solution.

CasePresenter Orthodontics helps both doctors and treatment coordinators quickly and effectively connect with each new patient. The software contains a library of more than 1,600 movies and animations - now available with photorealistic 3D graphics! It also runs natively on both Mac and Windows.

Simply use the available demonstrations during new patient appointments and “see your words come alive.”

Key Benefits

  • Increased case acceptance rate
  • Reduced time & effort for doctors and staff
  • Increased patient participation & partnership
  • Elevated patient satisfaction & understanding
  • Differentiates your practice from your competition

Dr. Tom Griffin pioneered this genre of software for use in his own practice in 1993. The program and principles you will receive during training are the result of his experience over the last 23 years with over 3000 users in 50 countries.

New patients are the lifeblood of every orthodontic practice, and we're confident we can make a difference in your case presentations! This is our specialty, it's all we do.

The best way to understand the power of CasePresenter is with a free personalized web demonstration. To schedule, call us Toll-Free at 877.422.8669, Option 3 or fill out this form and we'll contact you.

Flexible pricing, trial versions and recent graduate programs available.

To read more about CasePresenter,  download this brochure.  

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