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Non-compliance is a costly problem. If your practice is like most, you probably don't recoup the majority of expenses associated with extra appointments and extended treatment time. And this really chips away at the bottom-line.

Even when patients create their own problems, prolonged treatment has a negative impact on patient satisfaction and referrals.

PatientTrainer Orthodontics can help. The program offers a series of multimedia movies that are highly effective in training new patients and increasing the effectiveness of clinical assistants.

While patient compliance is not completely  within your control, a thorough and effective presentation at every delivery appointment can be.

Help your patients establish good habits from the beginning, rather than trying to break bad habits once they've begun!

Flexible pricing, trial versions and recent graduate programs available.

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The best way to understand the power of PatientTrainer is with a free personalized web demonstration. To schedule, call us Toll-Free at 877.422.8669, Option 3 or fill out this form and we'll contact you.

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