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Consultative Training

At IACT, we are committed to making a difference in your new patient process, and believe training and customization assistance are essential to deliver on that promise. For this reason, every IACT license purchase includes consultative training to ensure you receive a rapid and ongoing return on your investment.

Dr. Tom Griffin pioneered this genre of software for use in his own practice in 1993. The program and principles you will receive during training are the result of his experience over the last 17 years with over 3000 users in 50 countries. Today, our comprehensive training program has evolved to include "best practices" for adopting and implementing technology in the new patient process.

We work with both doctors and treatment coordinators via two-way web conferencing to make your new patient exams extraordinary. Whether you’re a new user, or have been with us “since the beginning”, you’ll find a small amount of time taken on a non-patient day well-spent.

New patients are the lifeblood of every orthodontic practice, and we’re confident we can make a difference in your case presentations! This is our specialty, it’s all we do.

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